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Philly Area Organizations and Websites

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Philadelphia’s legacy bicycle advocacy organization. Great organization with lots of connections, tools, resources, and an event calendar.

Megan Shannon’s Government Transparency Blog

Great blog that peers inside the inner workings of the Philadelphia’s city government. A lot of great articles on bike lanes and budgetary matters.

The Trellis
Philly. Biking. Culture. The most comprehensive calendar of all things cycling in the Philadelphia area. Also a great blog on the latest happenings.

YouTube Channels

Not Just Bikes
Everyone’s favorite and most outspoken YouTube urbanist. Despite not being an “advocate,” Jason’s videos have radicalized (or more properly rationalized) a generation of amateur urbanists by showing side by side comparisons of European vs. North American city planning.

City Nerd
If dry urbanist humor is your thing, Ray Delahanty’s, City Nerd is the channel you seek. As a professional transportation planner, his analytic insight is key in understanding urban infrastructure. He also has a penchant for using satellite images and lists to communicate his points.

Oh The Urbanity!
Oh the Urbanity! is an excellent, toned down urbanist channel that is great to share with your neighbors. They make informative videos on urban transportation by foot, bicycle, or public transportation. They also debunk many myths and stereotypes about bicycling using well research data.

Alan Fisher
Philly’s resident urbanist, Alan is a train enthusiast who also has many excellent videos on bicycles, parking, and public transit in North America.

“How to Kill a Stroad”
Alex Davis’s exceptional video “How to Kill a Stroad” documents the repaving of Philadelphia’s Washington Avenue. It explores the process and planning that took place over a decade. It is a great crash course in how Councilman prerogative, OTIS, Streets Department, RCOs, advocates, and NIMBYs can hinder or help improve street safety in Philadelphia.

Strong Towns
Fantastic channel exploring how car centric development is too expensive in terms of finances and lost lives. Excellent channel for those focused building safe and financially resilient communities.


The War on Cars
The War on Cars is a great podcast from the New York City that explores how car dependency contributes to a worse quality of life in America. Given the tongue-in-cheek name, the War on Cars is not inherently anti-car but instead makes the excellent case that automobile alternatives are essential for happy and prosperous communities.

De Fiets is Niets
De Fiets is Niets is an excellent podcast by 99% Invisible that explores the social and economic factors that led to the success of the Dutch bicycle revolution in the 1970s. This movement was instrument in The Netherlands becoming one of the most bicycle friendly nations in the world. It provides a great framework for how modern bicycle movements in other countries can replicate their success.