Philly Bike Action!
Philly Bike Action!

Safe, protected bike lanes for Philadelphia

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About Us

What are we?

  • We’re advocates for immediate change
  • We fight for the safety, dignity, and convenience of people who ride bicycles in Philadelphia
  • We’re for all people, regardless of whether or not they currently ride bicycles
  • We’re people who believe that bikes aren’t just for sport or for exercise, they are a critical part of our transportation needs

What are we not?

  • We are not proponents of “vehicular cycling” as a long-term solution to bicycle safety.
    • We understand that currently, riding with safely with traffic is often necessary with our fragmented bicycle network.
    • However, we want bicycle infrastructure that is physically separated from automobile traffic. We believe that people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities can benefit from bike infrastructure, which benefits people who use a variety of mobility devices, as well as safer streets.
  • We are not a partisan organization
  • We are not a specifically left-wing or right-wing organization
  • We are not an organization for suburbs of Philadelphia. Our concern is specifically the needs of people who live, work, visit, or play within the city of Philadelphia. (We do encourage organizing in other cities, though. Please reach out if you want assistance starting a group in your own community)
  • We are not an all above urbanist organization. While we believe that housing, transit and other urbanist topics are important to the wellbeing of a city, we want to keep our goals focused on pushing for the implementation of a safe bicycle network.

What do we want?

  • The immediate repeal of § 12-701, the part of Philadelphia code that requires city council approval for a bike lane that “requires the removal of a parking lane, a travel lane, or both”
  • A safe, useable, and interconnected network of fully protected bike lanes/paths/trails in the Philadelphia
  • Bike infrastructure that is dependably free of debris, parked or stopped cars, and other hazards
  • A new approach that applies international best practices to effect rapid improvement of Philadelphia’s infrastructure, without subjecting necessary improvements to cumbersome review processes and other red tape

How do we work?

We believe advocacy takes on a variety of forms both big and small. Simply talking with a friend about safe bicycle infrastructure is a form of advocacy. An organized campaign to remove anti-cycling laws or add a new bike lane to the network is also advocacy. We take an all of the above approach and encourage people to lean into their unique skill sets to promote safe cycling infrastructure in Philly. Some specific examples include:

  • Educating members on the workings of city government (city council, OTIS, Streets Department, etc.) and encouraging members to communicate their concerns with these offices.
  • Encouraging new advocates to join via social media, stickers, flyers, and in-person events. More members allows us to effect more change.
  • Organizing events to bring attention to the dangers that people on bicycles face every day.
  • Arranging in-person meetups to develop relationships, educate one another, share frustrations, and celebrate successes.

Online Donations Coming Soon

We’re in the process of upgrading our donations system. Please reach out to us about how you can donate or support the cause!