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Philly Bike Action!

Safe, protected bike lanes for Philadelphia

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About Us

Who we are:

Advocates for Immediate Change

We’re committed to the safety, dignity, and convenience of people who ride bicycles in Philadelphia. Our focus is on all individuals, regardless of their current engagement with bicycling. We believe that bicycles are an essential part of our transportation system, not just tools for sport or exercise.

What makes us different:

Focused on the Issue and Our City

We do not support “vehicular cycling” as a long-term solution for bicycle safety. While we recognize the necessity of riding safely with traffic under current conditions, our goal is to achieve bicycle infrastructure that is physically separated from automobile traffic.

We are neither a partisan organization nor confined to a specific political wing.

Our efforts are concentrated within the Philadelphia city limits, and our focus is enhancing bicycle networks and safety in the city, rather than broader urbanism issues.

Our objectives:

Upending the Status Quo

We strive for the end of anti-bike lane laws and precedents in Philadelphia that prevent the establishment of bike lanes that take any space back from cars.

We want a comprehensive network of protected bike lanes, paths, and trails in Philadelphia, maintained free of obstructions and hazards, such as cars and trucks.

We’re calling for a new approach that applies international best practices to effect rapid improvement of Philadelphia’s infrastructure without subjecting necessary improvements to cumbersome review processes and other red tape.

Our approach:

Inform & Reform

We embrace various forms of advocacy, from simple conversations about bike safety to organized campaigns for policy changes.

Our activities include educating members about city government operations, encouraging engagement with government offices and local businesses and organizations, and expanding our reach through social media and community events.

We organize events to raise awareness of the risks faced by people on bicycles and arrange meetups for networking, education, and celebrating our achievements.